New Years Resolution 2012

We are all hearing about New Year Resolutions. I think there's a stigma that comes along with that saying. How about we change it to -- Goals for the New Year.

Have you made any goals for this year? I think we should, but I think we need to be realistic on our goal setting. Instead of saying, "I'm going to lose 20 pounds this year." Why not just say, "My goal is to eat healthier and get up and move more." Instead of, "I'm going to read the Bible through in a year." Why not just say, "I'm going to listen to the leadership of the Lord and study what He lays on my heart."

Goals are wonderful things to set, but in order to obtain that sense of accomplishment, they must be thought out. First and foremost, pray about what goals the Lord would like to go accomplish. Be sure to be forgiving to yourself when you fall short, because you will fall short. We all do.

Choose a theme verse. A verse that has been on your heart or one the Lord reveals to you. Post it on notes in your home, car, work, school, etc. If you want true change in your life, that will only happen through the scriptures. God's Word will effect change, if we apply it.

My theme verse this year is Colossians 3:23, "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;" By dwelling on this verse and hiding it in my heart, I will receive contentment. Whatever task is before me, if I remember I'm doing all for God, I won't be disappointment if no one recognizes me for it. I won't be looking for the pat-on-the back. It not only frees me up emotionally, but it also frees up others. I won't be looking to others for validation, because I won't need it from them. I will also open myself up to the blessings of God.

Pray about your 2012 goals. Set some goals for yourself. Make sure they're realistic and obtainable and in your control to achieve. We can't set goals for us to change someone else, because that change is not within our control. We can only change ourselves.

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